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Market Rebounds Outlast Declines

Market Rebounds Outlast Declines

| March 25, 2020

The stock market has its ups and its downs – it’s a lot like life that way. Another similarity? How you navigate the speed bumps you encounter along the way determines how successful your journey will be.

During a round of stock market volatility, it can be tempting to change your investment strategy or even to run away from the market altogether. But there’s a danger to selling during a bear market— if you’re on the sidelines during the recovery, you could very well miss out on future market gains. There’s no way to predict the future…but historically, those who’ve stayed invested in spite of the bumps tend to fare the best. Take a look at the attached flyer from Putnam, Market Rebounds Outlasted Declines, which offers a compelling argument for staying the course even during a market downturn.

Every investor is different; being asked to weather a storm you simply don’t have the stomach for is not good guidance. But as a financial professional, it’s my job to make sure you’re as educated as possible so you’re armed to make the best decisions for your financial future. If you’re interested in learning more, let’s connect.