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Proactive Outreach Strengthens Customer Ties

| July 17, 2020

Financial advisors who have long relied on regular client communications to drive their businesses are stepping up their game to proactively reach out to customers during these uncertain times. Largely unable to meet with consumers face-to-face, firms are making more frequent use of the telephone, social media, Zoom seminars, and special events to stay in close contact with their customers...

Wagner Advisory Group in Palm Harbor, Florida, began reaching out to every family it services in early March through a variety of techniques, according to Cathy A. Wagner, president. The effort began with a personal call to each client plus a full portfolio review. They also reminded families that, unless their goals or situation had changed significantly, the investment strategy had been designed from a long-term perspective.

“Additionally, I am recording a weekly video message every Monday morning with a focus on overall well-being,” Wagner said. “Our clients appreciate us providing them with valuable and timely information they can rely upon, plus advice regarding stress management, nutrition, and overall immune system-building tips.”

Other Wagner initiatives include a “social distancing event” with a drive-by shredding truck and an organic frozen treat stand. Their first virtual event for clients is a Zoom-guided chocolate tasting.

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