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Ready to go paperless?

| June 19, 2020

Are you still keeping physical files for all your important financial information? Now more than ever, we’re finding that holding on to paper containing account details creates an opportunity for information theft, which can turn your whole life upside down and take years to fix. So maybe it’s time to consider going paperless…and if you’re ready, we can help.

Our eQuipt digital client portal uses bank-level security measures and allows us to send you account information electronically, so all your data stays safe (and just think of how much time you’ll save in filing statements). Soon we’ll be sending out invitations from eQuipt to go paperless. Yours will come via email, and it will look something like this:

If paperless sounds good to you, simply click the “Enroll in eDelivery” link, and you’re done…no more paper, from now on. Of course if you’re not interested in switching to paperless, you can just ignore the email and you’ll continue to receive your account information in the mail, exactly as you have traditionally.

If you have more questions about eQuipt, paperless e-delivery, or anything else regarding your financial plans, let’s connect.