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The best laid plans…

| May 09, 2023

Even the most thought-out financial strategy may need to be adjusted for unexpected events, such as changes to your family life or career, or shifts in your family priorities. These are important opportunities for us to connect and ensure we make any adjustments to accommodate your new or shifting goals.

Some of the most common life events that may prompt a change include:

  • New child or grandchild
  • Large purchase (home, vacation property, college, etc.)
  • Death in the family
  • Employment changes (retirement, new job, promotion, etc.)
  • Health and disability

If we are unfamiliar with these or any other events that may affect your family's personal finances, please schedule a time for us to meet.

And if you know of anyone who may be at a financial crossroad, we're always happy to schedule a complimentary consultation. Feel free to share their contact information or pass along this note.

Take care,