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Elizabeth A. Reider

Elizabeth A. Reider

Chief Marketing Officer, Operations Director, & Licensed Life & Health Insurance Agent

To better serve our clients, we added Elizabeth to the team in March 2012. She has worn many hats over the years and has become the point person in the office for any Life / Long Term Care insurance, client service or operations question. As office manager, her time is dedicated to the growth, continuity, and sustainability of our firm. She is responsible for the marketing, communication, and business development efforts of the firm. In addition to strategic business development efforts, she directs client events, media relations, branding, advertising, social media and website development. She is also our in-house Technology Administrator in both client interface and all office functionality. She brings a fresh perspective, attention to detail, and a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from the University of South Florida’s College of Business. In 2020, Elizabeth successfully passed the Health & Life Agent Exam (2-15) in the State of Florida. She will continue working alongside Cathy, gaining insight into conducting client life and long-term care insurance reviews from preparation to implementation. When not at work, Elizabeth enjoys visiting new coffee shops and bookstores with her husband and her little shih tzu - poodle as well as backpacking across the globe. She is also an active participant in overseas humanitarian work.


 Licensed Insurance Agent in the State of Florida (2-15)

*Elizabeth Ludlam is not registered with FSC Securities Corporation or Cathy A. Wagner, CFP.